A Divine Connection
In Business For Over
33 Years

Powerful Healing
"Feel My Energy Working In Your Body. 
You are wide awake. 
All I need to do is touch you.

Intuitive Medical Consultant*

Clients Claim I Can

Prevent Surgery

Locate & Heal*
(All Their Health Problems)

Specialize In Removing*
(Cancer, Tumors, Blood Clots etc.)

*Prevent Infertility*

Heal Internal Organs*

Heal Sport Injuries*

Heal Their Body before Weight
  Loss or Weight Gain Programs

Heal Skin Disorders*

*Speed Up Their Healing Process
When They Did Surgery*

Help To Maintain a Healthy State
of Mind and Life Style*

*Book your family members a healing session with me today!*

*I will tell you if you have any medical health conditions and heal them at the same time during your healing session.*

Prevent future life threatening situation.*

Healing Session $800.00 each hour
2 hours maximum to heal your entire body

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Wendys Powerful Healing
"Feel My Energy Working"

"I have traveled throughout the world healing people from around the world"

"Feel alive when you live each day filled with love."

The longest healing session I have ever needed to do on a person was two hours.

For Appointments
(813) 407-9291

    "I have healed people from around the world with my Powerful Divine Healing Gift"

Heal your Life Threatening Illnesses (Cancer, Tumors etc.).
Prevent Surgery and Medication. Develop a Healthier Life Style & State of Mind.

     All my clients were able to have a child after they were told they would not be able too. 
     Other clients were told they
only have so many months left
to live.....but they are still living today.  My powerful healing gift adds to our everyday miracles.

Enjoy my 5 page Web Site and I
will see you soon.

God Bless Everyone

"Feel my Powerful Divine Energy working inside
your body"





Published on Wendys Powerful Healing "Feel My Energy"  (http:www.wendyspowerfulhealing.com) & (wendyspowerfulhealing.ca)

I, Wendy was born with a powerful healing gift and I am not a Licensed
medical doctor that diagnoses conditions and/or
prescribes any medication. 

No lay of hands on the body for energy healing and/or spiritual
healing and/or an intuitive medical consultation guaranteed to
cure you, prevent or treat your condition/disorder.  I make no
specific claim or promise and I do not guarantee in any way
because each person  decides if they want to accept my healing
energy.  You are awake, fully alert and aware of what is going on
in your body during the healing session.  You may or may not feel
a form of energy working inside your body.  You may discuss it
with me or not.  I do not require any medical reports.
My healing services and information offered at this web site, in
person, by telephone and/or by web cam video calling are not to
substitute professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and
You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. 
Always consult with your own doctor to recommend that you
continue to follow medical treatment or not.

Being intuitive and an energy healer is a positive addition to
regular medical care because we offer an alternative and
complementary healing method to complete your health care
program.  I do not use any tissue manipulation or massage and
does not ever involve sexual contact of any kind under any
circumstance.  My session may or may not involve lying on of
hands although it is a natural method of energy balancing for
healing.  Once the energy work has been received it is up to
the clients own body to do the healing.  The responsibility lies
within you, not your chosen practitioner.

On my web site,
we have assembled various articles, information,
movies and web site links that we hope our visitors will find useful. 
If anyone chooses to use advice given on this web site or linked web
sites, they do so at their own risk.  We do not accept any
responsibility from the use of this material and make no guarantee
that it will improve anyone's well-being or state of health. 
Information provided on this web site and when you sign a 
 Disclaimer Form before your powerful healing session
is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 
You should consult with your health care practitioner
when you find any medical condition existing.  It is
important not to have expectations about the outcome
of receiving my healing sessions, healing will take place
but it may happen in unexpected ways.

All original material contained on this site is copyrighted
property of WendysPowerfulHealing.com and
WendysPowerfulHealing.ca.  For permission to copy or
distribute written materials including articles, please
Contact Us

In no event can Wendy or WendysPowerfulHealing.com 
and WendysPowerfulHealing.ca be liable in anyway
directly or indirectly for damages resulting from
information or date provided or for the loss of profits
through the use or misuse of said information and data, e
ither via its use, intuitiveness, negligence or other actions.

Dated April 1, 2012


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